Canadian Northern Lights District

The Canadian Northern Lights District was created in December of 2016. It was initially comprised of 12 Civitan Clubs from the former Canadian District East.

These 12 included Clubs in Beaconsfield and Alymer, Quebec as well as Clubs in Pakenham, Almonte, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Lanark, one in Kingston, Napanee and Bellville in eastern Ontario,

In 2017 a new Club in North Grenville, Ontario was formed. This brought us to a total of 13 Clubs. In 2018/19 we lost four of our Clubs so that we now have 9 active Clubs.

Please visit the Club Directory for contact information.

The District office is not a physical location but rather a group of volunteer positions that oversees and supports the activities of this group of Clubs.

These positions include:

Governor -- Alice Puddington (Almonte)

Governor Elect --

Immediate Past Governor -- Ken Fournier (Lanark)

Secretary/Treasurer -- Bonnie King (Lanark)

Judge Advocate -- Doris Rankin (Pakenham)

As well there is an Area Director from each of the individual Clubs.

All of these individuals are volunteer members of the various Clubs within the District. There are no separate District contact points.


You should visit the Club Directory for contact information for these individuals or your local Club.

Map of current Clubs

1) Lakeshore Civitan Club

2) Alymer Civitan Club

4) Carleton Place Civitan Club

5) Almonte Civitan Club

6) Pakeham Civitan Club

7) Lanark & District Civitan Club

8) Smith Falls Civitan Club

10) South East Civitan Club

11) Kingston & District Civitan Club

Please visit the Club Directory for address and contact information