2019/2020 Governor's Message

Greetings Fellow Civitans


As of October 1, I am your Governor for the 2019-2020 Civitan year. I have had an interesting year as Governor-Elect learning the ropes.


I feel very pleased to be doing this job on your behalf. We have an excellent District Board of Directors who will bring concerns and ideas forward to our District Meetings (4) and communicate details of our efforts back to clubs. Any Civitan is welcome to attend these meetings as a guest. We look forward to serving you well.


My home club is the Almonte Civitan Club. Club members, like all of you, are dedicated Civitans. This year, I am excited to visit all clubs.


I hope to meet many Civitans and assist each club in any way I can. Please invite me to attend your events. My job is to be present! Helping enhance the relationship and connection between your club and your District and International organization is part of what I look forward to bringing you. We are all Civitans learning together what one faction has to support the other. There have been many changes recently.  As Civitans we can learn what’s on offer for all of us!


Canadian Northern Lights is a vibrant and enthusiastic District. I see committed, passionate and hard working Civitans. Congratulations and thanks to members.


All clubs do their part to make us an outstanding District. Working together is what gives us strength and a sense of satisfaction from all we do.


This year our Motto is “Champions of Service.” Let's pause to think about what this means and decide how each club can live that motto.


Together we do so much to assist many. As we make our way, we all know growth and retention is key to our prosperity and our future. We will be looking at ways to help every club grow. We are committed to seeing all our clubs as plus one clubs by the end of the year. Together we can achieve this goal!


To reach me you can call 613-624-9245 or 613-614-3570. My email is alicepaige@sympatico.ca and my mailing address is 538 Barr Side Road, Pakenham ON K0A2X0. 


Yours in Civitan, 

Alice Puddington,


Canadian Northern Lights District

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