2020/2021 Governor's Message



Here we are almost two months into the Civitan year and things are not necessarily going as planned. The challenge we are facing is how to survive during this pandemic.


Civitans in the past have been resilient and it is up to us to carry on this tradition. Let's get our minds in gear and share our ideas.


This brings us to the question what is Civitan? According to our Creed, “I am Civitan”.

This of course was meant to describe what a Civitan is. Civitan is much greater than me, It is much greater than my club, it is a large group of people around the world working to make lives better collectively. It started in Birmingham over a hundred years ago by a group of men in another organization who found it too self serving and broke away and formed a new club which they called Civitan.


When other cities heard about what they were doing in Birmingham they also wanted to get involved and an organization called Civitan was formed. Much greater than one person or one club. We are now part of that group. Everything we do in our communities creates the legacy of our organization.


In this world we are currently unsure of the future. But one thing is for sure, now as in past troubled times we are going to be badly needed. While we are sitting idle we can be planning ahead. Let's make a difference in the world under the name of CIVITAN as we have in the past. Share your ideas.


Civitan International is also aware of the situation and have offered to help as best they can. We, the District team are also prepared to help in any way we can. We have waived District dues this year in order to help the clubs to survive.


LET'S ALL WORK TOGETHER and make this world a better place in spite of the virus.


Governor Ken

Governor CNLD

The Best District in Civitan